Travelling with Style in San Francisco

Travelling with Style in San Francisco

San Francisco is a singularly significant destination in the US.  It is a city famous for the extensive cable transportation system connecting its many districts. This city’s charming beauty, inspiring diversity and Victorian architecture has made it a jewel of the West Coast.

The Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf are two of the most popular locations to visit during your vacation. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most iconic symbol in San Francisco. It is the World’s longest suspension bridge built to date. The bridge crosses the opening of the Golden Gate, where the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean meet.  Another sea-side attraction is the Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can watch the freshly caught fish being packed and delivered for sale. This is an incredible place to spend a lunch or dinner, as the seafood is delectable.

If you are searching for a luxurious vacation and don’t mind dropping a little extra cash in the process, there are plenty of places for you visit.  Nob Hill is home to many well-off citizens, and renting a house here will be an unforgettable experience.  Expertly designed bedroom apartments that breathe tasteful extravagance are available in the areas surrounding the Hill and Union Station.

The Marina District has plenty to offer. This is the district where you will find thriving nightlife, entertainment and vibrant arts. You will find condo rentals near the city’s most beautiful buildings which will give you a stunning panoramic view of the bay.

If you love walking on the white sand or enjoy swimming in the white ocean surf, San Francisco’s well-known seashores such as Ocean Beach, Baker Beach and Aquatic Park welcome you with warm, open arms.

Whether you are planning a solitary get-away or your next family vacation, San Francisco has exactly what you are looking for.  Go take it.

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Exploring the Artworks in Marfa, Texas

Exploring the Artworks in Marfa, Texas

When you come to Marfa, you won’t merely visit the art galleries. You’ll discover sprawling splendor that will defy any solitary classification. They call the idea minimalism, though the significances are certainly not only minimalism. Marfa’s world renown artworks are inextricably associated with the exceptional West Texas landscape. There are many museums that pay homage to the irresistible attraction connected with traditional western mythology. Even with a handful of small galleries, it is hard not to be in awe of the rich culture. The following venues are available to visit in Marfa.

AYN FOUNDATION (Das Maximum) 107- 109 N. Highland Ave., Brite Bldg. Marfa, Texas 79843 432-729-3315 Presenting “Last Supper” by Andy Warhol in addition to “September Eleven” by Maria Zerres. This gallery is open for everyone on weekends and also for personal appointments. You need to call as well as email if you want to schedule an appointment.

BALLROOM MARFA 108 E. San Antonio Marfa, Texas 79843 432-729-3600 Ballroom Marfa is a non-profit national room committed to delivering music. The Ballroom gives off an air of vibrant fun.

CHINATI FOUNDATION 1 Cavalry Row Marfa, Texas 79843 432-729-4362 Chinati is a universally recognized contemporary art exhibit started by minimalist artist Donald Judd. Chinati is the home of works of art, sculptures, poems, installs, images along with art by distinguished musicians Donald Judd, John Chamberlain, Claus Oldenburg & Choose van Bruggen, Dan Flavin, Ilya Kabakov, Roni Horn and many more.

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Experience a Luxurious Stay in New York City

Experience a Luxurious Stay in New York City

New York City, considered to be the city that never sleeps, is one of the best metropolitan destinations in the world.  As one of the largest cities in the western hemisphere, countless tourists all over the globe come just to experience its luxury and elegance.

There are exceptional places, views and high quality hotels welcoming tourists into the city with open arms. Central Park, The Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Terminal are just few of the prominent destinations in New York.  Many of these attractions illustrate a large and vital portion of United States history, giving history buffs more than enough locations to keep the occupied for weeks of tourism.

The city is also a great place for your children.  Central Park Zoo, found in the middle of the Fifth Avenue and 64th street, is an ideal place to spend an afternoon with your children. The zoo has many exotic species of plants and animals that will fascinate you and your family.

New York City is also home to some of the best and most popular hotels in the world, offering not just outstanding high quality services, but an atmosphere of high-class extravagance. For instance, the Lowell Hotel, NU Hotel and Hotel on Riving-ton offer first class services and perfect accommodation, placing them on the list of the most popular hotels in the country.  Lowell Hotel is found on the east side of the city, where most high class tourist and those of wealth choose to stay.  NU Hotel is most specially recommended for the young social adventurists, as it has a very modern and minimalist theme.  And not to forget the Hotel on Riving-ton, which gives the most stunning view of downtown New York City. This twenty-one story hotel is located just below the east side of the city.

If a resort style hotel is what you are craving, then St. Regis is the location for you. You will be welcomed by this hotel with showering petals as you enter.

Your dream of the perfect vacation is only one visit to New York City away from being fulfilled.  What are you waiting for?  Get into the New York State of mind!

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Catch the Run Boy Run Band and The Moondogs in Marfa!


Get ready to live it up in Marfa to the music of Run Boy Run this coming September 26, 2013! The Band’s traditional rhythm and soothing musicality have captured audiences since 2011. Run Boy Run just released their first full length album entitled “So Sang the Whirlpool”, featuring original songs and traditional tunes. Their latest single called “Burgundy Wine” which was recorded last year in the middle of an exciting festival season, has enraptured fans across the country. Run Boy Run band are also two time Arizona State Fiddle Champions which only emphasizes their traditional talent. The unique aspect of the band’s three-part female harmony has also enhanced the group’s visibility throughout the years.

The Moondogs is a famous band formed in Marfa, Texas. Just following Run Boy Run, they will rock your world this September 28, 2013. The band was formed through barbecue and roadhouse joints in Texas before climbing their way to the top in 2008 when they transitioned to a combination genre of Rock and Blues.

The members of the band each bring unique talents to the group from their previous experience in the industry. When they united and decided to create their own band, the combination of such a diverse set of musical skills was enthralling. The band leader and drummer for the Moondogs is Burt Compton, a successful music icon in Miami, Florida. Ken Jones mainly plays the bass guitar, though he also plays many instruments including guitar, saxophone and percussion. Ron Parrish is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the Moondogs band, although his talents reach to bass guitar, trombone and trumpet as well. Kathie Compton has been in love with music ever since she was born. She first began her romance with music at the age of five when playing with her father’s ukulele. At thirteen years old, she started playing the guitar and had formal lesson. Though Kathie had taken leave of the music scene while she raised her children, she has now made a triumphal entry back onto the stage. She currently plays a custom Campbell American Precix for the band in addition to a well-worn ’79 Gibson Les Paul and a ’67 Gibson B25 Acoustic. Linda Jones runs the keyboards and sings backup locals. She is the loving wife of Ken Jones and they have been long time musicians.

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