Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, located in the heart of the Mojave Desert, is one of the sunniest destinations in America.  Each year, millions of tourists choose to vacation there, and planning a trip to the grandiose city is an exciting activity.  With so many experiences to choose from – whether it be gambling, entertainment, food, shopping, or world-class spas – there is something for everyone.

There are almost 115 hotels along the Las Vegas Strip area where you can choose to stay.  You may want to stay right on the strip and be a part of the excitement, or you may prefer a quieter, luxurious hotel with more private spas, hot tubs, swimming pools, and restaurants. Every hotel has a variety of dining options, ranging from high end restaurants to mega-buffets. Dining is one of the most memorable parts of any Las Vegas stay, so explore and see what’s available around you.  Las Vegas is also known as the city that never sleeps due to its extraordinary night life. You can visit one of the more than 40 night clubs in town and dance the night away.

Las  Vegas is also one of best places to go for entertainment on the West Coast.  Almost all of the hotels have casinos where you can spend many exciting evenings of gambling, music, and fun. It is actually considered to be the Gaming Capital of the World and was originally created as a gambling oasis. No other city can compare to the magnitude of the gambling experience that can be found in Last Vegas.

But, if gambling and partying aren’t your style, there are still plenty of activities you can enjoy because the city is blessed with stunning natural surroundings. Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and Death Valley are all great day trips from the city.  A trip to Grand Canyon’s West Rim offers one of the clearest views of the Colorado River, where you sightsee or hike at Guano Point. You can rent a car and drive yourself or you can also choose from a variety of guided tours that are available from the city.

Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind city, and after you experience what it has to offer, you will definitely want to go back again soon.

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Marfa Lights Festival, Coming Up!


Get ready to enjoy some unforgettable Labor Day merriment as Marfa Texas celebrates its 27th Annual Marfa Lights Festival!  One of the sponsors of the upcoming event is AEP Texas, bringing with them a legendary exhibit of their newest Smart Meters and GridSmart Progams.

The foot-stompin’ music of The Doodlin’ Hogwallops with Hotel Brotherhood will be the show’s opening. Following this, AJ Castillo and Austin Tejano, alongside co-presenter Ballroom Marfa, will rock your festival nights!  AJ Castillo’s modern accordion tempo and unique musical flavor will sweep you off your chair and on to the dance floor!  Using his exquisite talents to transcend the traditional accordion genre, Castillo brings folk music lovers to a whole new level of bliss.

The stunning 21-acre Vizcaino Park has been procured as the festival’s community gathering location by the Cultural and Arts Organization of Marfa with help from the Marfa Chamber of Commerce.  Beginning on Friday night, the opening of the festival will be composed of traditional country dancing and two-stepping.

The festival will not only feature music, but also traditional Marfa-famous food and craft booths. These booths can be enjoyed by all at the Presidio County Courthouse.  Be ready to be enthralled by Marfa’s cultural richness as you revel in all it has to offer.

There will be a parade on Saturday morning led by the Chamber’s Citizen of the year, Robert Silva.  The parade will start at 10 in the morning and will begin at Highland Avenue.  Mariachi Santa Cruz of Presidio will officially open the Sunday festivities.  So get ready to lose yourself in a colorful weekend of food, folk dancing, and remarkable fun for everyone!

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Finding Luxury in Italy

Finding Luxury in Italy

Visiting Italy means peeking into one of the greatest and most influential empires the world has ever known. Italy’s rich cultural history began thousands of years ago and owes much of what the world thinks of, when they think of Italy, to the awe-inspiring Roman Empire from 27 BC to 1453 AD.

Italy has drawn tourists from all over the world for many years, attracting them to participate in some of the world’s best food, finest fashion, and to experience the sacred Vatican City and stately Roman landmarks. Most travelers dream of Italy as a travel destination because of its impressive beauty and architectural radiance. This country has an incredible lifestyle and culture that blends seamlessly the old world, and modern day developments.

When planning a luxury vacation in Italy, consider first your accommodation. Staying in a hotel in a major city will surely show you the tourists’ spots; on the other hand, renting in a private home to stay in will show you the “real” Italy. Apartments and private homes may be found in a variety of price ranges but if you are searching for something more luxurious, then it is best to opt for a villa.

Upon traveling in Italy, never miss the opportunity to go Venice, see the Tuscan Countryside, visit Florence and take a history lesson in Rome.

You cannot miss the spectacular architectural masterpieces in Venice.  Venice’s canals are well-known for their awe-inspiring romance and a gondola ride through the city. Venice is one place that will leave you transformed for the rest of your life. Though photos will not do it justice, make sure to bring your camera and take plenty of pictures!

Tuscany is also another part of Italy that is known for being a region of immense beauty. It is a home to some of the world’s most beautiful geography, architecture and art. This region is home to the world’s most beautiful wine country, and the historic city of Florence – birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

Rome is impossible to forget on any tour of Italy. You can take a look on stunning Roman ruins and fabulous fountains. Moreover, try to end your day with pizza and aperitif or coffee.

Whether your interest lies in food, relaxation, shopping, culture or history, Italy serves up the best in world with an abundant and lively style of its own.

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Marfa Playboy Installation Ordered to be Taken Down, For the Second

Marfa Playboy Installation Ordered to be Taken Down, For the Second

Marfa has become known to many as a cultural and artistic oasis within Texas with art that appeals to all walks of life. But at what point does art go from being controversial, to an affront to the beautification of Texas? That is the issue TheTexas Department of Transportation is dealing with right now. TxDOT has ordered Playboy Marfa, the extremely controversial piece of roadside art, to be taken down once again!TxDOT issued to Playboy Enterprise Inc. another Order of Removal, to remove the neon bunny signand the nearby 1972 Dodge Charger from the ground.They are again given another 45 days to pull down the signage after they were given the first Order of Removal in early July 2013. The signage was supposed to be gone by August 5, 2013, but it looked like Playboy hoped to convince TxDOT for the order to be lifted. But TxDOT restated its primary standpoint and sent an email of the new Order of Removal insisting that The Bunny has to come down.

According to TxDOT, they ordered the sign to be removed since Playboy did not have a Texas license for outdoor advertising and never submitted a permit application for the art. Furthermore, the location did not even qualify for a permit. The unpermitted signage violates the federal Highway Beautification Act. TxDOTwill refer the case to Attorney General if the installation is not removed over the next 45 days.

This neon-lit bunny sign features the magazine’s iconic logo that was designed by New York artist Richard Philips, and Playboy’s creative director of special project Neville Wakefield. Both bunny sign and 1972 Dodge Charger were erected as part of their attempt to revive the magazine brand to the younger generation or tolaunch the company’s new cultural initiative.

This controversial piece of art is situated just outside Marfa on Highway 90, about 25 minutes away from the more famous Prada Marfa piece. Although Marfa is a small town, it has become known as a centre for artists and is now full of galleries, installations and amazing restaurants. The piece has caused a partition in Marfa locals giving different opinions. While some classify it as a piece of art, othersare calling it nothing more than a clever marketing strategy.

The verdict is out, but Playboy has taken Texan lawyer Dick DeGuerin on their behalf and is now working on an agreement with TxDOT.

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Ambergris Caye – The Most Beautiful Island in Belize

Ambergris Caye – The Most Beautiful Island in Belize

Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize and the main tourist destination within this Caribbean nation. San Pedro is the only town on the island, and it has been the hub of Belizean maritime trade for years. Fishing, coconuts, and chicle have been the historic industries on the island, but during the past thirty years, scuba diving and ecotourism have generated new, large growth in Belize.

From its beautiful azure Caribbean waters to the Maya Mountains and Pine Ridge, Belize offers an adventure for everyone. Stunning caves, winding waterfalls, virgin tropical rainforest, and numerous limestone caves all add to the rich scenic beauty of the island. Belize contains many ancient Maya ruins and temples that will entice you with their mysterious history. Whether your decide to go zip lining through the forest, cave tubing in Maya caves, scuba diving and snorkeling through the Belize Buffer Reef, sailing the cayes, windsurfing, or hiking through the jungle, you will find wonderful, unforgettable journeys awaiting you in Belize.

Belize contains the amazing Belize coral ocean system, which is the second largest in the world and the largest one in the southern hemisphere. It runs offshore, includes quite a few cayes (islands made of barrier sand), and is surrounded by astounding reefs. The reef lies one-half mile east from the Ambergris Caye shoreline and runs along the entire 25 mile length of the island. It has turned San Pedro into the diving and water sports capital not only of Belize, but also of the entire Central America. The Wonderful Blue Hole, Turneffe Destinations, Shark Ray Alley, Hol Chan Sea Reserve, Mexico Rocks, Lighthouse Ocean, and many other diving areas are all only a short boat ride from Ambergris Caye.

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