Splendid Ocean Views at La Jolla Grande Colonial Hotel of San Diego

Splendid Ocean Views at La Jolla Grande Colonial Hotel of San Diego

La Jolla Grande Colonial Hotel is an old, yet luxurious hotel in California. It was first opened on the February 1st, 1913. Originally designed by the master architect of the Balboa Park California Exposition, Richard Requa, the hotel has a breathtaking view of the Pacific coast. It was George Bane who decided to give the Colonial a whole new vista that would rival any coastal constructs in the West to that date. With this vision, he assigned architect Frank Stevenson to do the planning. The whole building was completed in 1928, with 28 apartments and 25 single hotel rooms. From then on, the Colonial served as a gathering place for locals, military men and Hollywood stars. Series of renovations created the new five-story building including numerous guest rooms and suites, a lobby and an award-winning ZAGAT-rated NINE-TEN Restaurant.

The guest rooms at La Jolla Grande Colonial Hotel have a classy palette of bright colors bordering guests’ views of the Pacific Ocean or La Jolla. Windows can be opened to invite in natural light and breezes of the fresh ocean. The hotel’s suites also share an endless elegance and style, just like its guest rooms. Visitors are guaranteed the familiar comforts of home in a setting of exotic luxury through its select suites that include fireplaces and full kitchens. Along with sophisticated amenities, high-speed wired and wireless Internet access and in-room dining are offered to the visitors. For guests that plan a prolonged stay in the area, accommodation in the exclusive Little Hotel by the Sea and Garden Terrace suites are available.

La Jolla Grande Colonial Hotel applies several “green” initiatives for the environment. It has a hot water system that minimizes energy use and water temperature throughout the peak times of the day. Digital thermometers are also installed in all rooms to maintain room temperatures at constant level. The chefs of the NINE-TEN Restaurant grow their own herbs and vegetables through an on-site hydroponic vertical garden.

When you decide to stay in the Colonial, you will find yourself with endless things to do in La Jolla. You will be just few steps away from the most beautiful beaches on the west coast, such as Windansea Beach, Blacks Beach, La Jolla Cove and the Children’s Pool.

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