Mii Amo: North America’s Top Destination Spa and First Class Resort

Mii Amo North America’s Top Destination Spa and First Class Resort

Sedona is a city which lies in the northern part of the Verde Valley region of Arizona. The city is well-known for its array of red sandstone structures, which appear to glow orange and red when lit up by the rising or setting sun. A tourist will find beautiful accommodations and attractions in this city with more than 40 galleries, unique shops and numerous tourist spots. The residents and visitors of Sedona delightfully find the area’s natural year-round beauty is conducive to many kinds of outdoor activities ranging from spiritual pursuits to the hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails.

Sedona has remarkable scenery, and one way to take in the grandeur is through leisure driving. City visitors can adore a scenic drive displaying the region’s hills and cliffs, spectacular crimson peaks and desert wildlife. Among Sedona’s scenic drives include Oak Creek Canyon, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful scenic drives in America. It offers guests a sense of serene austerity and glory. Aside from the Oak Creek Canyon, visitors can also appreciate the Red Rock Scenic Byway, Schenbly Hill and Red Rock Loop Road.

Sedona guests who want to experience a touch of transformation in a nurturing and realistic environment can stay at Mii Amo. This luxurious resort was ranked as #1 resort in Arizona and was awarded the #1 destination spa in North America. It offers different Journey Packages addressing the guest’s goals, including relaxation, wellness and healing. Aside from spa treatment, Mii Amo also includes different unique activities like stretching and yoga, cooking demonstrations and organic gardening.

Mii Amo Café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. It has private tables and a 16-seat community table for small meetings. The café’s delicious and intelligent cuisines are made from organic ingredients from local sources as well as the chef’s garden located near the area.

Because the venue promotes total relaxation and tranquility, it only has 16 spa guest rooms and suites. However, these rooms are one of a kind, as they are designed around landscaped courtyards. Some even offer beehive fireplaces, whirlpools and outdoor showers.

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