Greezy Wheels Entertained Marfa

Greezy Wheels Entertained Marfa

A lot of music lovers in Marfa, Texas, joined the fun at Padre’s last Saturday to watch the rock/alternative band, Greezy Wheels, perform.

Greezy Wheels was formed in the 1970s in Austin, Texas. They frequently had their gigs at the Armadillo World Headquarters, and as a result, they became known as the Armadillo house band. Greezy Wheels produced great music for eight years and then left the scene. Years later, the band returned from their long hiatus and recorded an album on the record label they owned, MaHatMa Records. The band plays a blend of rock, funk, R&B and alternative country, and because of the exceptional music they have produced and shared with their audiences over the years, they are also a part of the Austin Music Hall of Fame.

After their break, the music they made was more classy and refined. The present-day members of the band are Cleve Hattersley, Lissa Hattersley, Sweet Mary Hattersley, Penny Jo Pullus, Brad Houser, John Bush and Matt Hubbard.

Sweet Mary Hattersley is their female violinist, and at Saturday’s concert, her rendition of “Orange Blossom Special” was a crowd favorite.  She continued on to participate in one of the greatest jam sessions in the history of Armadillo with Jean Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia, Leon Russell, and Doug Sam.  The band demonstrated their skill and talent as they shared the stage with great artists like Willie Nelson, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Asleep at the Wheel, Willis Alan Ramsey, Alvin Crow, and dozens of others.

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