Make the Most of Your Florida Trip

Make the Most of Your Florida Trip

Florida is one of the most southern states on the American coast.  It is the 8th most densely populated of all the 50 states of America. The state’s cultural composition is a reflection of numerous influences from a multitude of civilizations, such as the Native American, European, Hispanic and African American heritages.

Florida has been a popular vacation destination for families of all ages, as it has many family-friendly hotels and luxury penthouses. Their restaurants are second to none, from fresh seafood diners to romantic al-fresco dining and much more. Avid shoppers would certainly enjoy Florida’s remarkable shopping malls, designer boutiques and attractive local stores.

If you are planning your luxury vacation in Florida, you should start your journey at the Royal Mansions Resort. It is one of the resorts nearest Cape Canaveral with the widest varieties of Penthouse, Atrium and Patio accommodations. An average rental is composed of a two bedroom penthouse in a multi-level condo. You can also choose to have an accommodation opening to an ocean front view.

Disney Deluxe Villa Resort is also another fantastic location, given that it is located in the Heart of Walt Disney World. The affordable price of $279 per night will accommodate up to 8 members of your family. This resort offers room massages, laundry services, lounges, marina watercraft rentals and much more.  You can get your complimentary transportation to any of Disney’s attractions from the lobby.

Golf and fishing will appeal to any sports enthusiasts looking into a Florida vacation. The state has thousands of golf courses for golf enthusiasts to choose from.  The peak golfing season spans between January and April across most of Florida. Sport fishing and line fishing from the shore are available in almost all coastal towns and cities across the state. Fishermen may be lucky enough to catch barracuda, marlin, tuna and grouper.

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