Ballroom Marfa Displays Tote Bags of the Dallas Collective

Ballroom Marfa Displays Tote Bags of the Dallas CollectiveThe modern generation has become desensitized to the point that many priceless forms of art are extremely underappreciated. In many people’s minds, art revolves around photography, cinema and even installation art.  However, many categories of art that display simplicity and modernism are still being practiced today. An event in Marfa, Texas is currently being held to showcase exceptional art expressed in tote bags.

Founded to provide space for the recognition of several art exhibits, Ballroom Marfa is displaying the artistic creation of the group labeled as The Dallas Collective. This set of artists was formed and taught by Michael Corris, a Professor at Meadows School of Art, Southern Methodist University. To further supplement the creative group, various artists from other schools were included, such as the students from M.F.A William Binnie, Travis LaMothe and Melissa Tran together with Dallas artists Kelly Kroener and Michael Morris. Undergraduate students, namely Soraya Abtahi, Braeden Bailey, Jenna Barrois, Nina Davis, Michael Deleon, Elainy Lopez, Alexandra Monroe, Rhyanna Odom, Ellen Smith, Hannah Tyler and Dylan Wignall also comprised the team.

The studio art course, which was organized for the first time in the spring semester of 2013 at Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, has been instrumental in the development of the Dallas Collective. Systems, one of the four core introductory courses offered for art students, has an aim to acquaint art enthusiasts with the art that embodies the contemporaneousness as well as highlighting the need to appreciate art in terms of its unique technical and historical nature.

The current project produced by The Dallas Collective is titled Open Studio: Every Person Is a Special Kind of Artist, with Baggage. It’s objective is to highlight the art that individuals encounter in everyday life and to show the public the creativity offered by the people who consider art an essential staple in their daily lives. The group created 50 tote bags and a 10-minute video about the process they had experienced while creating the exhibit.  Come see this intuitively thought-provoking display in Marfa, Texas until November 9, 2013.

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