Padre Presents Mike Donovan with the ex Sic Alps in Marfa

Padre Presents Mike Donovan with the ex Sic Alps in Marfa this coming

Mike Donovan was born on October 6, 1971. He makes his living in San Francisco as an acclaimed musician. He is also the former owner of Dial Records and is now currently managing the Folding Cassettes.

Mike Donovan has been a member of several bands, namely The Ropers in the 1990s.  Along with The Ropers, he has been involved in The Church Steps with Chris Douglas, NAM, Big Techno Werewolves, Sounds of the Barbary Coast, Yikes and lastly with the Sic Alps (2004-2013). This month, he releases his solo debut called “Wot” on Drag City.

It will be incorrect to classify Donovan’s music in a “garage rock” genre, as his songs have a depth of power that is sure to touch the inner rocker in you. He is a full-on rock star, but with a touch of John Lennon’s broodiness which entices his listeners to grasp a greater significance in his melodies. When you see the band in a live event, their music will bring you back to classic Californian rock music reminiscent of the vintage rock of the 1970’s.

Mike Donovan stated in one interview that the fans are somehow connected with their music in an invisible and unspoken way. He stated that some things are better left unsaid, giving their lyrics of an implacable beauty. Donovan wishes his listeners to create their own meaning out of the lyrics.

Padre will present Mike Donovan with his ex band Sic Alps.  Prepare to be taken to a new dimension of rock!

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