Maui’s Extraordinary Beauty

Maui's Extraordinary Beauty

Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting places in the world. It is blessed with exotic beaches, towering mountain ranges and sunny, paradisal weather.  It is no wonder that Maui has won countless travel awards.

Beaches in Maui have crystal clear water with numerous tropical trees. Most visitors enjoy spending their days at these beaches enjoying refreshing beverages and barbecues. The beach is also breezy and calm, transforming the shore at night as melodious local music floats through the air and fire-pits are lit.

When deciding on a place to stay for your vacation, you can choose between the luxurious seaside resorts or beach villas in the ocean’s backyard paradise. Condominium vacation rentals can provide a flexibility that is ever so illusive in the traditional resort hotel. The typical condo is composed of a living room, kitchen and complete laundry facility, transforming it into an infinitely more convenient choice for a full-size family. The Kaanapali Alii, located on Kaanapali beach, is one such luxury condominium resort which provides all these amenities.

Thrill-seeking water related activities such as snorkeling and jet-skiing are a few of the plenty adrenaline-packed attractions which keep tourists coming back all year long. Snorkeling can be done individually, though it is recommended to join group tours if you are a beginner. Group tours are an excellent way to meet fellow tourists and make new friends during your adventure in Maui.

The many waterfalls and natural attractions lining Hana Highway make it another wildly popular destination in Maui.  You can see a clear picture of how diverse and luxurious Maui’s landscape is as you travel across the highway. You can find Wailua falls, which is a beautiful 80 foot waterfall, at the very end of the Hana Highway.

From adventure sports enthusiast to tourist going to Maui for a relaxing respite, the island has something unique to offer everyone. Maui has won hearts of travelers worldwide.  Let it win yours.

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