The Greezy Wheels in Marfa!

The Greezy Wheels in MarfaOn the 12th of October, The Greezy Wheels will perform live in Marfa!  After beginning their career in Austin, they soon became wildly popular in central Texas.  Cleve, Lissa and Sweet Mary Hattersley are the founders of the band.  Recently, they have inducted 13 year music veteran Penny Jo Pullos as backup vocals for the group.

The New Bohemian’s bassist, Brad Houser decided to join The Greezy Wheels, reuniting with his former band mate, John Bush. The magnificent keyboardist, trombone and harp player, Matt Hubbard has also joined the band.

The Greezy Wheels have their own label called the MaHatMa Records. They are the first band in Austin to own a record label in London. In 2011, they released their debut album “Gone Greezy” which played in radio stations across America.  A handful of music lovers, including well-known composer Margaret Moser, have chosen “Gone Greezy” as one of their personal top ten best albums of the year.

This year, a new album is soon to be released called “Kitty Cat Jesus”.  It features singles like “I Cry Myself to Sleep” and ” I’ll Get Away With It”.  These two singles’ cuts, which have been released to the public, have been heard over the Austin airways numerous times.  Even without factoring in the edgy title, many believe that this album will be their most controversial one yet.

Beyond the Texas borders, the band has been received with great favor by the press. In the past, they have played sets in New York and London multiple times a year. On October 12, they will be playing in Marfa at 9pm.  Gear up Marfa!  The Greezy Wheels are coming for you!

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