Greezy Wheels Entertained Marfa

Greezy Wheels Entertained Marfa

A lot of music lovers in Marfa, Texas, joined the fun at Padre’s last Saturday to watch the rock/alternative band, Greezy Wheels, perform.

Greezy Wheels was formed in the 1970s in Austin, Texas. They frequently had their gigs at the Armadillo World Headquarters, and as a result, they became known as the Armadillo house band. Greezy Wheels produced great music for eight years and then left the scene. Years later, the band returned from their long hiatus and recorded an album on the record label they owned, MaHatMa Records. The band plays a blend of rock, funk, R&B and alternative country, and because of the exceptional music they have produced and shared with their audiences over the years, they are also a part of the Austin Music Hall of Fame.

After their break, the music they made was more classy and refined. The present-day members of the band are Cleve Hattersley, Lissa Hattersley, Sweet Mary Hattersley, Penny Jo Pullus, Brad Houser, John Bush and Matt Hubbard.

Sweet Mary Hattersley is their female violinist, and at Saturday’s concert, her rendition of “Orange Blossom Special” was a crowd favorite.  She continued on to participate in one of the greatest jam sessions in the history of Armadillo with Jean Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia, Leon Russell, and Doug Sam.  The band demonstrated their skill and talent as they shared the stage with great artists like Willie Nelson, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Asleep at the Wheel, Willis Alan Ramsey, Alvin Crow, and dozens of others.

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Make the Most of Your Florida Trip

Make the Most of Your Florida Trip

Florida is one of the most southern states on the American coast.  It is the 8th most densely populated of all the 50 states of America. The state’s cultural composition is a reflection of numerous influences from a multitude of civilizations, such as the Native American, European, Hispanic and African American heritages.

Florida has been a popular vacation destination for families of all ages, as it has many family-friendly hotels and luxury penthouses. Their restaurants are second to none, from fresh seafood diners to romantic al-fresco dining and much more. Avid shoppers would certainly enjoy Florida’s remarkable shopping malls, designer boutiques and attractive local stores.

If you are planning your luxury vacation in Florida, you should start your journey at the Royal Mansions Resort. It is one of the resorts nearest Cape Canaveral with the widest varieties of Penthouse, Atrium and Patio accommodations. An average rental is composed of a two bedroom penthouse in a multi-level condo. You can also choose to have an accommodation opening to an ocean front view.

Disney Deluxe Villa Resort is also another fantastic location, given that it is located in the Heart of Walt Disney World. The affordable price of $279 per night will accommodate up to 8 members of your family. This resort offers room massages, laundry services, lounges, marina watercraft rentals and much more.  You can get your complimentary transportation to any of Disney’s attractions from the lobby.

Golf and fishing will appeal to any sports enthusiasts looking into a Florida vacation. The state has thousands of golf courses for golf enthusiasts to choose from.  The peak golfing season spans between January and April across most of Florida. Sport fishing and line fishing from the shore are available in almost all coastal towns and cities across the state. Fishermen may be lucky enough to catch barracuda, marlin, tuna and grouper.

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Ballroom Marfa Displays Tote Bags of the Dallas Collective

Ballroom Marfa Displays Tote Bags of the Dallas CollectiveThe modern generation has become desensitized to the point that many priceless forms of art are extremely underappreciated. In many people’s minds, art revolves around photography, cinema and even installation art.  However, many categories of art that display simplicity and modernism are still being practiced today. An event in Marfa, Texas is currently being held to showcase exceptional art expressed in tote bags.

Founded to provide space for the recognition of several art exhibits, Ballroom Marfa is displaying the artistic creation of the group labeled as The Dallas Collective. This set of artists was formed and taught by Michael Corris, a Professor at Meadows School of Art, Southern Methodist University. To further supplement the creative group, various artists from other schools were included, such as the students from M.F.A William Binnie, Travis LaMothe and Melissa Tran together with Dallas artists Kelly Kroener and Michael Morris. Undergraduate students, namely Soraya Abtahi, Braeden Bailey, Jenna Barrois, Nina Davis, Michael Deleon, Elainy Lopez, Alexandra Monroe, Rhyanna Odom, Ellen Smith, Hannah Tyler and Dylan Wignall also comprised the team.

The studio art course, which was organized for the first time in the spring semester of 2013 at Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, has been instrumental in the development of the Dallas Collective. Systems, one of the four core introductory courses offered for art students, has an aim to acquaint art enthusiasts with the art that embodies the contemporaneousness as well as highlighting the need to appreciate art in terms of its unique technical and historical nature.

The current project produced by The Dallas Collective is titled Open Studio: Every Person Is a Special Kind of Artist, with Baggage. It’s objective is to highlight the art that individuals encounter in everyday life and to show the public the creativity offered by the people who consider art an essential staple in their daily lives. The group created 50 tote bags and a 10-minute video about the process they had experienced while creating the exhibit.  Come see this intuitively thought-provoking display in Marfa, Texas until November 9, 2013.

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Discover the Best in Chicago

Discover the Best in Chicago

Chicago is the largest city in the Midwest and the third most populous place in the United States with nearly three million residents. Located along Lake Michigan, the city is widely referred to as the “Windy City”.  Chicago is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, and if you choose to make it your vacation destination, you will find a large variety of activities available at your fingertips.

Chicago offers cheap flights that make it easy to experience Chicago’s exciting shopping districts, stunning architecture, incredible nightlife, and excellent cuisine. A lot of these flights can be combined with other savings possibilities, such as package hotel stays, car rentals, and tickets to tourist destinations. The savings you enjoy from your airfare will enable you to do more things and have more spending money during your trip.

If you are planning to spend a luxurious vacation in Chicago, Swissotel is one of the best hotels in the city and is a part of a luxurious international chain. It is located at 323 East Wacker Drive in the downtown area. Other highly recommended hotels are the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago and the Peninsula Hotel Chicago.

While you are in Chicago, shopping is a must. You can visit the Magnificent Mile or the seven stories of exciting stores, shops, and eateries at 900 North Michigan Avenue.

Chicago is also a city that is filled with family friendly attractions. Alder Planetarium and Astronomy Museum will surely interest every family member and provide hours of educational fun. You can also enjoy the wonderful landmarks and architecture found throughout the  city, such as the Buckingham Fountain.

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Padre Presents Mike Donovan with the ex Sic Alps in Marfa

Padre Presents Mike Donovan with the ex Sic Alps in Marfa this coming

Mike Donovan was born on October 6, 1971. He makes his living in San Francisco as an acclaimed musician. He is also the former owner of Dial Records and is now currently managing the Folding Cassettes.

Mike Donovan has been a member of several bands, namely The Ropers in the 1990s.  Along with The Ropers, he has been involved in The Church Steps with Chris Douglas, NAM, Big Techno Werewolves, Sounds of the Barbary Coast, Yikes and lastly with the Sic Alps (2004-2013). This month, he releases his solo debut called “Wot” on Drag City.

It will be incorrect to classify Donovan’s music in a “garage rock” genre, as his songs have a depth of power that is sure to touch the inner rocker in you. He is a full-on rock star, but with a touch of John Lennon’s broodiness which entices his listeners to grasp a greater significance in his melodies. When you see the band in a live event, their music will bring you back to classic Californian rock music reminiscent of the vintage rock of the 1970’s.

Mike Donovan stated in one interview that the fans are somehow connected with their music in an invisible and unspoken way. He stated that some things are better left unsaid, giving their lyrics of an implacable beauty. Donovan wishes his listeners to create their own meaning out of the lyrics.

Padre will present Mike Donovan with his ex band Sic Alps.  Prepare to be taken to a new dimension of rock!

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Maui’s Extraordinary Beauty

Maui's Extraordinary Beauty

Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting places in the world. It is blessed with exotic beaches, towering mountain ranges and sunny, paradisal weather.  It is no wonder that Maui has won countless travel awards.

Beaches in Maui have crystal clear water with numerous tropical trees. Most visitors enjoy spending their days at these beaches enjoying refreshing beverages and barbecues. The beach is also breezy and calm, transforming the shore at night as melodious local music floats through the air and fire-pits are lit.

When deciding on a place to stay for your vacation, you can choose between the luxurious seaside resorts or beach villas in the ocean’s backyard paradise. Condominium vacation rentals can provide a flexibility that is ever so illusive in the traditional resort hotel. The typical condo is composed of a living room, kitchen and complete laundry facility, transforming it into an infinitely more convenient choice for a full-size family. The Kaanapali Alii, located on Kaanapali beach, is one such luxury condominium resort which provides all these amenities.

Thrill-seeking water related activities such as snorkeling and jet-skiing are a few of the plenty adrenaline-packed attractions which keep tourists coming back all year long. Snorkeling can be done individually, though it is recommended to join group tours if you are a beginner. Group tours are an excellent way to meet fellow tourists and make new friends during your adventure in Maui.

The many waterfalls and natural attractions lining Hana Highway make it another wildly popular destination in Maui.  You can see a clear picture of how diverse and luxurious Maui’s landscape is as you travel across the highway. You can find Wailua falls, which is a beautiful 80 foot waterfall, at the very end of the Hana Highway.

From adventure sports enthusiast to tourist going to Maui for a relaxing respite, the island has something unique to offer everyone. Maui has won hearts of travelers worldwide.  Let it win yours.

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The Greezy Wheels in Marfa!

The Greezy Wheels in MarfaOn the 12th of October, The Greezy Wheels will perform live in Marfa!  After beginning their career in Austin, they soon became wildly popular in central Texas.  Cleve, Lissa and Sweet Mary Hattersley are the founders of the band.  Recently, they have inducted 13 year music veteran Penny Jo Pullos as backup vocals for the group.

The New Bohemian’s bassist, Brad Houser decided to join The Greezy Wheels, reuniting with his former band mate, John Bush. The magnificent keyboardist, trombone and harp player, Matt Hubbard has also joined the band.

The Greezy Wheels have their own label called the MaHatMa Records. They are the first band in Austin to own a record label in London. In 2011, they released their debut album “Gone Greezy” which played in radio stations across America.  A handful of music lovers, including well-known composer Margaret Moser, have chosen “Gone Greezy” as one of their personal top ten best albums of the year.

This year, a new album is soon to be released called “Kitty Cat Jesus”.  It features singles like “I Cry Myself to Sleep” and ” I’ll Get Away With It”.  These two singles’ cuts, which have been released to the public, have been heard over the Austin airways numerous times.  Even without factoring in the edgy title, many believe that this album will be their most controversial one yet.

Beyond the Texas borders, the band has been received with great favor by the press. In the past, they have played sets in New York and London multiple times a year. On October 12, they will be playing in Marfa at 9pm.  Gear up Marfa!  The Greezy Wheels are coming for you!

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