Catch the Run Boy Run Band and The Moondogs in Marfa!


Get ready to live it up in Marfa to the music of Run Boy Run this coming September 26, 2013! The Band’s traditional rhythm and soothing musicality have captured audiences since 2011. Run Boy Run just released their first full length album entitled “So Sang the Whirlpool”, featuring original songs and traditional tunes. Their latest single called “Burgundy Wine” which was recorded last year in the middle of an exciting festival season, has enraptured fans across the country. Run Boy Run band are also two time Arizona State Fiddle Champions which only emphasizes their traditional talent. The unique aspect of the band’s three-part female harmony has also enhanced the group’s visibility throughout the years.

The Moondogs is a famous band formed in Marfa, Texas. Just following Run Boy Run, they will rock your world this September 28, 2013. The band was formed through barbecue and roadhouse joints in Texas before climbing their way to the top in 2008 when they transitioned to a combination genre of Rock and Blues.

The members of the band each bring unique talents to the group from their previous experience in the industry. When they united and decided to create their own band, the combination of such a diverse set of musical skills was enthralling. The band leader and drummer for the Moondogs is Burt Compton, a successful music icon in Miami, Florida. Ken Jones mainly plays the bass guitar, though he also plays many instruments including guitar, saxophone and percussion. Ron Parrish is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the Moondogs band, although his talents reach to bass guitar, trombone and trumpet as well. Kathie Compton has been in love with music ever since she was born. She first began her romance with music at the age of five when playing with her father’s ukulele. At thirteen years old, she started playing the guitar and had formal lesson. Though Kathie had taken leave of the music scene while she raised her children, she has now made a triumphal entry back onto the stage. She currently plays a custom Campbell American Precix for the band in addition to a well-worn ’79 Gibson Les Paul and a ’67 Gibson B25 Acoustic. Linda Jones runs the keyboards and sings backup locals. She is the loving wife of Ken Jones and they have been long time musicians.

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