Finding Luxury in Italy

Finding Luxury in Italy

Visiting Italy means peeking into one of the greatest and most influential empires the world has ever known. Italy’s rich cultural history began thousands of years ago and owes much of what the world thinks of, when they think of Italy, to the awe-inspiring Roman Empire from 27 BC to 1453 AD.

Italy has drawn tourists from all over the world for many years, attracting them to participate in some of the world’s best food, finest fashion, and to experience the sacred Vatican City and stately Roman landmarks. Most travelers dream of Italy as a travel destination because of its impressive beauty and architectural radiance. This country has an incredible lifestyle and culture that blends seamlessly the old world, and modern day developments.

When planning a luxury vacation in Italy, consider first your accommodation. Staying in a hotel in a major city will surely show you the tourists’ spots; on the other hand, renting in a private home to stay in will show you the “real” Italy. Apartments and private homes may be found in a variety of price ranges but if you are searching for something more luxurious, then it is best to opt for a villa.

Upon traveling in Italy, never miss the opportunity to go Venice, see the Tuscan Countryside, visit Florence and take a history lesson in Rome.

You cannot miss the spectacular architectural masterpieces in Venice.  Venice’s canals are well-known for their awe-inspiring romance and a gondola ride through the city. Venice is one place that will leave you transformed for the rest of your life. Though photos will not do it justice, make sure to bring your camera and take plenty of pictures!

Tuscany is also another part of Italy that is known for being a region of immense beauty. It is a home to some of the world’s most beautiful geography, architecture and art. This region is home to the world’s most beautiful wine country, and the historic city of Florence – birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

Rome is impossible to forget on any tour of Italy. You can take a look on stunning Roman ruins and fabulous fountains. Moreover, try to end your day with pizza and aperitif or coffee.

Whether your interest lies in food, relaxation, shopping, culture or history, Italy serves up the best in world with an abundant and lively style of its own.

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